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Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Sterling Heights, MI

  • Aftermarket Windshields
  • Aftermarket Mirrors
  • Aftermarket Door Handles
  • Aftermarket Headlights
  • Aftermarket Taillights
  • Aftermarket Grilles
  • Aftermarket Hoods
  • Aftermarket Fenders
  • Aftermarket Condensers
  • Aftermarket Radiators
  • Aftermarket Reinforcement Bars
  • Aftermarket Absorbers
  • Aftermarket Fan Shrouds
  • Aftermarket Upper Tie Bars
  • Aftermarket Radiator Support
  • Aftermarket Headlight Mounting Panels
  • Aftermarket Hood Hinges
  • Aftermarket Windshield Washer Bottle
  • Aftermarket Fog Lamp
  • Aftermarket License Plate Bracket
  • Aftermarket Bumper Mounting Bracket
  • Aftermarket Front Lower Valance
  • Aftermarket Undercar Shield
  • Aftermarket Engine Under Cover
  • Aftermarket Marker Lights
  • Aftermarket Reflectors
  • Aftermarket Signal Lamps
  • Aftermarket Grille Mounting Panel
  • Aftermarket Upper, Center & Lower Grille Moldings
  • Aftermarket Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Aftermarket Fender Liners
  • Aftermarket Wheels
  • Aftermarket Window Regulators
  • Aftermarket Rocker Panels
  • Aftermarket Door Handles
  • Aftermarket Radiator

"I went to Quality Automotive Parts for a front of bumper and the price was absolutely great. I thought I was going to spend a fortune. My friend and I heard live in Sterling Heights and we found them on the internet and they are great."-Youlanda; Sterling Heights, MI 

"My mother backed up into my 2012 Chevrolet Malibu head light. I began searching for head lights online and I found Quality Automotive Parts. I gave them a call and they had what I was looking for. I went and picked it up and they charged me $80.00 I thought that was great. I will for sure be using them from now on."- Tom; Sterling Heights, MI 

"My dad took my car for a drive and he came back with a broken mirror. He told me he came to the car like that. Every where I searched wanted ridiculous prices. I gave Quality Automotive Parts a call and they had the mirror for a better price then anyone else."- Alden; Sterling Heights., MI 

Preferred Sterling Heights Collision Shops & Sterling Heights Dealerships

Our Sterling Heights residents all want to save money. Not only do they want to save money but they also want to receive great auto body repair. Quality Auto Body Parts has a variety of Sterling Heights collision shops and Sterling Heights dealerships on their preferred auto body repair list. This meaning that they will WARRANTY all the work they do for your vehicle for as long as you own it.  Most Sterling Heights collision shops or Sterling Heights dealerships will not let you bring your own aftermarket auto body part. This is because now you’re cutting into their profit margin. When you go to a Sterling Heights collision shop or Sterling Heights dealership you already know you are going to be paying an arm and a leg. It is no secret. Sterling Heights collision shops and Sterling Heights dealerships will charge you 3, 4 or even 5 times more of the aftermarket auto body part. If something is $80 you are going to be paying $320 for that same exact aftermarket auto body part. Sterling Heights residents usually don’t know this because there isn’t a lot of companies like Quality Auto Body Parts to help them out and save money. We are a local Michigan company and we believe it’s time to stop letting these companies take advantage of our Michiganders and help give back by putting back in their pockets. It is already bad enough that Sterling Heights residents and all of Michigan is paying high insurance rates with very ridiculously high deductibles. Give us a call if you are in need of a Sterling Heights collision shop or Sterling Heights  dealership that will be more than happy to warranty your work without giving you a hard time about purchasing your own aftermarket auto body parts so that you can save money. 

Quality Automotive Parts is one of the biggest leading providers in the aftermarket auto body part industry. Quality Automotive began distributing aftermarket auto body parts to Sterling Heights dealerships and Sterling Heights collision shops. Now Quality Automotive Parts is taking a new direction. We are focusing more on the residents of Sterling Heights. We want our residents of Sterling Heights to know that if they use Quality Automotive Parts for all of there auto body repair not only will they be receiving great quality auto body parts but they will be receiving great deals as well. 

We understand that getting into an accident isn't on anyone's criteria. We don't think our Sterling Heights residents wake up in the morning and say "I think today I'll make my life a little much more frustrating by colliding my vehicle with someone else's. " Accidents do happen. Most of the time they cannot be avoided. When our Sterling Heights residents do get into an accident we want you to follow these basic steps. Step one, make sure you and everyone involved in the accident is alright. Step two, call the police. Step three, take your vehicle to your nearest Sterling Heights collision shop or Sterling Heights dealership. So that can examine the damages and see what you would need. If the costs are really expensive then your insurance company should be notified. 

Quality Automotive Parts is here to provide a great experience for our residents of Sterling Heights. We understand that auto body repairs can be very costly. We want our Sterling Heights residents to know that auto body repair doesn't have to be expensive. Quality Automotive Parts carries a wide variety of aftermarket auto body parts for all years, makes and models. Our inventory is fully stocked. If you are looking an aftermarket auto body part for your vehicle and everywhere else charging too much for it. Give us a call and see if we will not beat there prices. We do not matches prices online. The reason that is because when purchasing an aftermarket auto body part online you do not know what type of quality that is. Not all aftermarket auto body parts are the same and not all OEM auto body parts are the same. We will though be more then happy to give you a great deal and once you walk into our warehouse you'll see why Sterling Heights residents prefer Quality Automotive Parts. 

Models For Auto Body Parts We Carry Sterling Heights, MI 

Difference Between OEM & Aftermarket 

 If for some reason you want to return your aftermarket auto body part you will have one week from the day it was delivered to you to return it. There will be a 25% restocking fee on all items returned. We will come to your Sterling Heights home and pick it up ourselves. If anything is damaged we will replace it free of charge. We will then drop off the aftermarket auto body part the next day if it is in stock. When our drivers come to the home of our Sterling Heights residents we will go through the aftermarket auto body part with our Sterling Heights customer to check and see if there are any damages and also to make sure they have ordered the right aftermarket auto body part. We will not have you sign and then we leave. We want our Sterling Heights residents to be fully satisfied. Exceptions on 25% restocking fee are if the aftermarket auto body part is not working properly. This goes for aftermarket auto body parts such as Radiators, Condensers, Headlights, Taillights, Radiator Fan Shrouds, and Mirrors. 

Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Sterling Heights, MI We Carry

Quality Automotive Parts Sterling Heights, MI 

The difference between OEM and aftermarket. The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. What does that really mean? It means that the part was made by a company that is a subcontractor to a vehicle manufacturer. It DOES NOT mean the part was made by the manufacturer. OEM is only sold at the dealership. If you get into an accident and take into your dealership that doesn't always mean your going to get OEM. If your insurance policy states that you have agreed to putting aftermarket auto body parts on your vehicle then that's what is going to be put on your vehicle
If you are paying out of pocket and taking your vehicle to your local Sterling Heights dealership you know they'll be putting OEM. If you take your car your local Sterling Heights collision shop you can choose whether you want aftermarket or OEM. However, if you take your car to an Does a less expensive part mean a poorer-quality part? And in what situations should you use only OEM parts?
An aftermarket auto body part is a part from an aftermarket manufacturer. The car makers do not make this auto body part. It is outsourced so that it can be made and sold cheaper then the original. Quality Automotive Parts carries nothing but high quality aftermarket auto body parts. This makes a bigger difference. There are other companies that can carry aftermarket auto body parts but for some reason the quality isn't all that great. High quality aftermarket auto body parts fit just as good or better then OEM. OEM is just too expensive. OEM parts will usually cost more than an aftermarket part. When it comes to bodywork, OEM parts tend to cost about 60 percent more, according to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI). 
When Sterling Heights residents use Quality Automotive Parts there is no doubt that they are going to receive great high quality auto body parts. Give us a call and see for yourself why Quality Automotive Parts is the highest leading aftermarket auto body part company. 

  • Quality Automotive Parts Carries Aftermarket Auto Body Parts For All Years, Makes, & Models.

  • We Sale Aftermarket Auto Body Parts That Will Fit Your Vehicle Perfectly. All Aftermarket Auto Body Parts In Stock. 

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  • The City of Sterling Heights is located in Macomb County
  • Sterling Heights is nearby Warren, Troy, and Mt. Clemens.
  • Sterling Heights was once called Sterling Township
  • Sterling Heights became a city in 1968
  • Sterling Township became Sterling Heights. The word "Heights" was added to the township name to avoid conflict with the existing village of Sterling located in Arenac County.
  • Sterling Heights today is home to literally thousands of commercial and industrial businesses and is considered an integral part of the greater Detroit metropolitan area.
  •   Sterling Heights is 36.8 square miles; bordered by Hall Road to the north; 14 Mile Road to the south; Dequindre Road to the west; and Hayes Road to the east •
  • Sterling Heights is eight miles west of Lake St. Clair
  • The Clinton River flows in a southeasterly direction through the northeast sector of the city
  • Sterling Heights is 20 – 35 minutes, (18 miles) northeast of downtown Detroit
  • Sterling Heights is the third largest city in Michigan in geographical size
  • Sterling Heights is fourthlargest in the state in population with 129,699 residents
  • Sterling Heights is served by two award-winning public school districts: Utica Community Schools and Warren Consolidated Schools
  • Sterling Heights has than 3,000 commercial and industrial businesses and services are located in Sterling Heights
  • Sterling Heights City motto: “To Strive on Behalf of All”
  • Sterling Heights official Flower: Lavender Rose
  • Sterling Heights official tree: Chanticleer Pear