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Everyone driving a vehicle should have auto insurance. Even though they might have auto insurance, sometimes it is much cheaper to pay out of pocket instead of paying hidden fees when you make a claim. Other things, we worry about is when we have to turn our vehicle back in to the lease company. This is how the insurance company and lease company come to together. On everyone's policy you have agreed to put aftermarket auto body parts on your vehicle if it is available. The dealership might not tell you that because it is in there favor to sell you on an OEM, meaning original manufacturer equipment. OEM parts can cost triple the aftermarket auto body part. The dealership will not say anything as long as you put the right auto body parts on there vehicle. Sometimes, headlights are needed to be OEM. Mostly everything else you can get away with such as radiators, bumpers, fenders, condensers, radiator supports, taillights, absorbers, reinforcement bars, fan shrouds, and grilles. Also, another thing they look at when you take your vehicle in is the paint match. If you are repairing your vehicle make sure you take to a collision shop that will precisely match the color of the paint on your vehicle. If it doesn't match then the dealership will charge you for them to paint the vehicle back to its prehistoric color. If for some any reason our Berkley residents do not know where to take it we will be more than happy to point them in the right direction. This also guarantees our Berkley residents to always come back and use us again in the future for all of there auto body part needs. If for any reason our Berkley residents have any questions regarding there vehicle, feel free to give us a call.

Berkley residents understand that locating aftermarket auto body parts can be somewhat very difficult to find. Also, getting into an accident can be very frustrating and aggravating. Berkley residents do not wake up in the morning and say to themselves "I think I'm going to damage my vehicle today." Berkley residents understand accidents do happen and not all accidents occur the same way and damages are all different then one another. That includes in vehicles, auto body parts, and cost of repairs. After getting into an accident Berkley residents and everyone else all think the same way. They all ask the same question, "how much is this going to cost me?"  Prices do range from the year, make and model of your vehicle. One way to help save Berkley residents a ton of cash is by purchasing the aftermarket auto body part from us. When Berkley residents purchase the aftermarket auto body part from us for there vehicle, that will help bring the cost of repairs lower. You get to avoid paying the mark up fees other auto body shops will charge you for. If you spend got into an accident and purchased the auto body part yourself, you will be saving at least a few hundred dollars if not more.

Why spend the extra money when you take it to the auto body shop and pay for the same aftermarket auto body part they are going to sell you. Everyone deserves to save money especially our Berkley residents. Its already horrible enough paying this high auto insurance rates and they keep going up. Imagine if you made a claim, they would sky rocket. This is another way our Berkley residents can save a lot more money. Instead of making a claim and having there insurance premium go up 15% for two years and also paying a deductible and not to mention having a high insurance rate when you go to renew your auto insurance and have them give you a higher rate due to a history of auto accidents. We are here to offer our assistance to our Berkley residents with all of there auto body repair needs. If you have any other questions regarding your vehicle please give us a call.

Aftermarket auto body parts can be very big to put in a vehicle at times. This is why offer to deliver aftermarket auto body parts for our Berkley residents to any shop of there choice. We can not deliver to residents due to the reason is we have to limit the amount of trucks we have on the roads to guarantee our Berkley residents great pricing on there aftermarket auto body parts. We will be more than happy to deliver the aftermarket auto body part and not charge a delivery fee. This is one of the ways we want to show our appreciation to our Berkley residents. If you have any questions regarding delivery, feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to address any of our Berkley residents concerns.

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  • Berkley, MI is in Oakland County and 2 miles from Royal Oak, MI and 13 miles from Detroit, MI
  • Berkley is part of Detroit metropolitan area
  • Berkley was settled in 1815
  • Berkley was the site of the Ottawa Indian time
  • Berkley also was a flowing artesian spring that provided the towns water supply until 1926
  • Berkley was incorporated as village in 1923
  • Berkley was reincorporated as a city in 1932
  • Berkley residents are the most hard working residents.
  • Berkley takes pride in everything it does and lets everyone sees it
  • Berkley is known for having great people who care about one another and are really friendly
  • Berkley was ranked the No. 12 best place to live by Coldwell Banker in 2012

Berkley residents understand the cost of repairing a vehicle is very expensive. No one needs to be a rocket scientist to know that. The cost of repairing a vehicle can cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands. Quality Automotive Parts has been in business for over a decade selling aftermarket auto body part to Berkley residents. We began selling aftermarket auto body parts to Berkley residents due to the fact that we think everyone in Berkley and the metro Detroit area deserves great rates and quality on aftermarket auto body parts. We are called the "Motor City" Berkley residents and other Michiganders disserve better rates than anyone else in the country. It is already bad enough that Michigan has bad roads and high insurance rates. Should we be compensated by receiving great pricing on auto body parts. Well, everyone thinks it, but the big corporations do not act on it. This is where Quality Automotive Parts comes in, we decided to begin helping Berkley residents and Michiganders with great pricing on aftermarket auto body parts. We understand driving a vehicle that is damaged is not enjoyable. Also, paying high amounts of dollars is even less exciting. We want our Berkley residents to understand that we know where they are coming from. All Berkley residents own a vehicle and it is very crucial to have your vehicle repaired in order to get to work. Also, you can get pulled over for having defective equipment if it is not addressed accordingly.  When you come to Quality Automotive Parts to purchased an aftermarket auto body part you will be greeted and one of our staff members will answer all the questions you are concerned about. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle please give us a call. Let us show you how much we care about our Berkley residents.

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"Quality Automotive parts has great prices on all auto body parts. I got into an accident in Berkley and I needed a right front head light for my Chevy Malibu. I found Quality Automotive Parts online and gave them a call. They gave me a great price and they also recommended me to a place near Berkley to get my vehicle fixed. I will use these guys all the time. I'm glad I found an honest company that doesn't just take your money and sell you crap"-Charles; Berkley, MI

"Excellent aftermarket auto body parts. Everything was very reasonable. I knew I came to the right place right when I walked in. Even though these guys aren't in Berkley, they sure treated you with great amount of respect. The prices are really fair. Other shops wanted triple the amount I was paying for this auto body part. I will use these guys for all of my vehicles from now on. I'm so happy I found a place that really shows great appreciation to there customers."- Mark; Berkley, MI

"Quality Automotive Parts is the best. The prices are out of this world. I was paying an arm and a leg every time I damaged my vehicle. I never knew of this place until I began searching for auto body parts in Berkley. I ran into this place and now I will never go anywhere else."- Jesse; Berkley, MI

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Berkley, MI Aftermarket Auto Body Parts We Carry

  • Aftermarket Windshields
  • Aftermarket Mirrors
  • Aftermarket Door Handles
  • Aftermarket Headlights
  • Aftermarket Taillights
  • Aftermarket Grilles
  • Aftermarket Hoods
  • Aftermarket Fenders
  • Aftermarket Condensers
  • Aftermarket Radiators
  • Aftermarket Reinforcement Bars
  • Aftermarket Absorbers
  • Aftermarket Fan Shrouds
  • Aftermarket Upper Tie Bars
  • Aftermarket Radiator Support
  • Aftermarket Headlight Mounting Panels
  • Aftermarket Hood Hinges
  • Aftermarket Windshield Washer Bottle
  • Aftermarket Fog Lamp
  • Aftermarket License Plate Bracket
  • Aftermarket Bumper Mounting Bracket
  • Aftermarket Front Lower Valance
  • Aftermarket Undercar Shield
  • Aftermarket Engine Under Cover
  • Aftermarket Marker Lights
  • Aftermarket Reflectors
  • Aftermarket Signal Lamps
  • Aftermarket Grille Mounting Panel
  • Aftermarket Upper, Center & Lower Grille Moldings
  • Aftermarket Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Aftermarket Fender Liners
  • Aftermarket Wheels
  • Aftermarket Window Regulators
  • Aftermarket Rocker Panels
  • Aftermarket Door Handles
  • Aftermarket Radiator