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Fenders can get damaged very easy when involved in a front end or side collision.  Fenders are designed for a safety feature as well as appearance. If you are ever involved in a front end collision, your fender edge is made to bend so that your engine is protected. This is where the term comes "Fender Bender". If you are ever involved in a collision and are looking for a great reasonable price on a aftermarket fender. Quality Automotive Parts has been rated the top aftermarket auto body part distributor. We carry a variety of aftermarket fenders for every year, make, and model. If you have any questions regarding your fender feel free to give Quality Automotive Parts a call today. You will see why everyone in Michigan picks us for all of their aftermarket fender needs. 

You were just involved in a fender bender. You are now stressing about the dent you have on the side of your vehicle. You do not want to drive your vehicle that way, and we don't blame you. Everywhere you go, people are giving you crazy prices. You don't have to worry or stress out anymore, call Quality Automotive Part today and let us help you locate a aftermarket fender for your vehicle. We understand all of our Michigan residents are looking for the best deals, since we are the "Motor City" we want to help our Michigan residents get the best possible deal in Michigan. Call us today and check out our prices on an aftermarket fender for your year, make, and model. 

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Your fender is located between the front door and the front bumper cover. Once your fender is damaged or bent, there is no other alternative except to replace it. Aftermarket fenders are fairly cheap depending the year, make and model. Most of the time its much cheaper to replace it then repairing it. A lot companies out there will tell you they sell a great quality aftermarket fender, we have seen them all. Quality Automotive Parts carries the highest quality aftermarket fenders in Michigan. If you are looking for quality, you found it with a great deal. We have a vast amount of aftermarket fenders in stock for all years, makes, and models. Give us a call today and come pick your aftermarket fender for a great low price. 

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