Why Birmingham Residents Prefer Quality Automotive Parts

Like everyone else, Birmingham residents enjoy saving money. Now and days it is very difficult to save money and really difficult to make it as well. This is why Quality Automotive Parts is trying to give back to the Birmingham residents by helping them save a lot of money on their auto body repairs. We provide Birmingham residents with great quality auto body parts for really fair prices that they will not be getting anywhere else. These are the same aftermarket auto body parts that are being used every day on Birmingham resident’s vehicles when involved in an accident. You’re probably now questioning what I just said. If you have auto insurance which I bet you do, on your policy it states that your insurance company can put aftermarket or used auto body parts on your vehicle if they are available. That means 80% of your auto body repairs have aftermarket auto body parts. These aftermarket auto body parts purchased for our Birmingham customers is through our company. Now, let’s say our Birmingham residents are paying out of pocket, why you should you pay the middle man when you can just go to the source. The reason you are not making a claim is to save money on your premium and not have your insurance rates go up for two years. This is also means now you have a history when you make a claim. So when you go to renew your auto insurance policy your rates are going to be higher because you are considered a risk driver from your past history. We want to help save our Birmingham residents money and we will do whatever it takes to help them. Feel free to give us a call and let us help you save money not only on your aftermarket auto body parts but also on your repairs through our preferred shop list throughout Birmingham.

  • Aftermarket Hyundai Windshields
  • Aftermarket Door Handles
  • Aftermarket Mirrors
  • Aftermarket Grilles
  • Aftermarket Hoods
  • Aftermarket Fenders
  • Aftermarket Headlights
  • Aftermarket Taillights
  • Aftermarket Condensers
  • Aftermarket Radiators
  • Aftermarket Reinforcement Bars
  • Aftermarket Absorbers
  • Aftermarket Fan Shrouds
  • Aftermarket Upper Tie Bars
  • Aftermarket Radiator Support
  • Aftermarket Headlight Mounting Panels
  • Aftermarket Hood Hinges
  • Aftermarket Windshield Washer Bottle
  • Aftermarket Fog Lamp
  • Aftermarket License Plate Bracket
  • Aftermarket Bumper Mounting Bracket
  • Aftermarket Front Lower Valance
  • Aftermarket Undercar Shield
  • Aftermarket Engine Under Cover
  • Aftermarket Marker Lights
  • Aftermarket Reflectors
  • Aftermarket Signal Lamps
  • Aftermarket Grille Mounting Panel
  • Aftermarket Upper, Center & Lower Grille Moldings
  • Aftermarket Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Aftermarket Fender Liners
  • Aftermarket Wheels
  • Aftermarket Window Regulators
  • Aftermarket Rocker Panels
  • Aftermarket Door Handles
  • Aftermarket Radiators

        Birmingham, MI Aftermarket Auto Body Parts

We all are going to get our vehicle repaired at some point in our lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you were parked and some person that wasn’t paying attention accidentally hit your vehicle. Quality Automotive Parts has been selling aftermarket auto body parts to collision shops and dealerships throughout the city of Birmingham. As an aftermarket auto body parts company we have decided to go on a different route. We have been doing our diligences and have come up with and this might not be a shock to you but, that auto body parts can be really expensive. We always thought all of our Birmingham residents were always getting a great deal since we were providing such great prices to the collision shops and dealerships. Since they were not, we took matter into our own hands and decided that if nobody is going to help our Birmingham residents then we are. Quality Automotive Parts carries every type of aftermarket auto body part your will vehicle will need. We carry all remanufactured auto body parts and aftermarket auto body parts. Quality Automotive Parts is creating a different way of auto body repair. We are giving our Birmingham residents the opportunity to purchase their own aftermarket auto body parts and we will provide them with a list of preferred collision shops and dealerships in the Birmingham area that will warranty the work they do. 

How Birmingham Collision Shops & Birmingham Dealerships Work

When you walk into a Birmingham dealership the atmosphere fools you. This because you are seeing the beautiful lay out of the facility and also the free water they are providing and relaxing waiting area you are sitting in with that nice TV.  These accommodations they are providing you have maintenance costs. One of the ways they maintain their beautiful expensive facility is by pricing the Birmingham consumer really high. They do this in auto body repairs and also in auto body parts. Sometimes the repairs you are paying for don’t always fix the problem or the vehicle doesn’t come out looking good. One thing Birmingham residents get confused is that you are taking your vehicle back to the dealership where young guys who just joined the industry are playing with your vehicle. Your vehicle was never assembled at that dealership, it was assembled at the plant. The dealership is just the place where you purchase your vehicle. They will bring out a service manager that has been experienced but that doesn’t mean the person on your vehicle is. By experience we are meaning they have been doing it for many years, not just a paper states he’s certified. We all have met someone who is certified in something but really doesn’t have a clue on what he is doing. This is also a reason why we have so many recalls. We do not want our Birmingham residents to be taken advantage of. Birmingham dealerships are not owned by the car makers. They are owned by typical average people like everyone else who try to take advantage of good Birmingham residents. If you ever want a second opinion, just go ahead and ask your insurance adjuster or provider. Do not ask your claim rep, they will misguide you and lead you to a direct repair facility. Don’t be fooled by the direct repair facility. Almost every dealership is a direct repair facility. They have contracts with insurance companies to get them work. That is just another gimmick for the insurance company to make a little extra by sending your vehicle to one of their recommended auto body repair shops so they can cut corners and save money. Also, receive a kick back from the deductible you are paying. Yes your deductible is a kick back to your insurance company for that person  who is referring you to that direct repair facility. Everyone wants to make easy money and if you can make it by referring someone then that's what they do. It is your choice by law to take your vehicle where ever you want.

High Deductibles and Less Costing Repairs Birmingham, MI

It is no secret that Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the country. This meaning for our Birmingham residents that do have a really high deductible, why file an insurance claim when you can get aftermarket auto body parts for much lower then your deductible and avoiding your premium to sky rocket. If you can repair your vehicle without filing a claim and keep your insurance rates down, this is what we suggest you do. When you don’t file a claim you are not only taking away the opportunity from your insurance company of raising your rates but you are also avoiding high rates as well when its time to renew your policy. Filing too many claims considers you a risk driver with your auto insurance company. but you will not give them the opportunity to raise up your rates. This gives the auto insurance company the upper hand to charge you more. Quality Automotive Parts works with Birmingham residents every day and we understand the concerns you might have. If you have any questions considering any type of collision work, feel free to give us a call. We are always here to help.

Vehicles We Carry Aftermarket Auto Body Parts For Birmingham, MI

Warranties on Paint and Installation with Collision Shops and Dealerships on Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Birmingham, MI 

Everyone has probably gone to their Birmingham collision shop or Birmingham dealership and has asked them "can I purchase the auto body part myself and have you guys  just paint and install?”  The answer you probably have gotten from them is “Sure, but we cannot warranty your remanufactured or aftermarket auto body part.”  When your Birmingham collision shops or Birmingham dealerships warranty the aftermarket auto body part, they are able to because they have already charged you for it when you agreed to purchase aftermarket auto body part from them. Quality Automotive Parts has a preferred shop list that will warranty all of your work for as long as you purchased your aftermarket auto body part from us. All you will need to do is provide a receipt showing that you purchased that aftermarket auto body part from us. Quality Automotive Parts wants all of our Birmingham residents to receive great deals. We understand the collision work can be very expensive and this is why Quality Automotive Parts is here trying to provide great deals for Birmingham residents so that they are able to afford all of their auto body repairs.

  • Quality Automotive Parts Carries Aftermarket Auto Body Parts For All Years, Makes, & Models

  • We Sale Aftermarket Auto Body Parts That Will Fit Your Vehicle Perfectly. All Aftermarket Auto Body Parts In Stock

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Aftermarket Auto Body Parts We Carry Birmingham, MI

Great Quality Aftermarket Auto Body Part Prices for Birmingham, MI Residents

If you are a Birmingham, MI resident and you are looking for great deals on aftermarket auto body parts on any year, make, or model then you are in the right place. Quality Automotive Parts is here to supply Birmingham, MI residents with great prices on all aftermarket auto body parts. Whether our Birmingham, MI customers are looking for aftermarket auto body parts to repair their own vehicle or might be buying and selling vehicles, we carry all assortments of aftermarket auto body parts for every vehicle. Quality Automotive Parts has been rated a top quality aftermarket auto body part distributor for the city of Birmingham, MI providing great deals on all aftermarket auto body parts. If you do not believe how great the deal is then just give us a call. We are trying to prevent all these collision shops and dealerships to stop over pricing our Birmingham residents. We are the Motor City and we deserve to get our vehicles repaired at a great deal. Birmingham residents already pay high auto insurance rates. We have to try and save money, but not cut the quality on our aftermarket auto body parts.

Aftermarket Auto Body Parts We Carry Birmingham, MI

Facts about The City Of Birmingham, MI

In 1933 the city of Birmingham was established. Birmingham is located 20 miles north of downtown Detroit. Birmingham is part of the Oakland County. Birmingham being one of the wealthiest cities in the country, it is also part of the wealthiest counties in the country. Birmingham is known for its thriving retail shopping district with a historic downtown going all the way back to the 1830s. Birmingham offers historic buildings to modern retail and entertainment developments. Birmingham demonstrates the city’s commitment in forward planning and honoring Birmingham’s past.

  • In 2013 the average selling home in Birmingham was $393,117.00 and increased 6% in 2014.

  • Birmingham is a pedestrian friendly with retail space of 1.5 million sq ft and 2.2 million sq ft of office space.

  • In 2013 Birmingham was rated one of the top 25 safest city in the country.

  • In 2010 Birmingham was named the 5th most successful walkable suburb in the U.S by Wall Street Journal.

  • In 2009 Birmingham is one of the top 25 cities to retire in for a healthy lifestyle according to CNN

See What Birmingham Residents Are Saying About Quality Automotive Parts

          Delivery Anywhere In Birmingham, MI

Every aftermarket auto body part that is ordered by our Birmingham, MI customers are always checked at our warehouse.  We don’t want to inconvenient our Birmingham, MI customers. We know how important your aftermarket auto body is to you. Once your aftermarket auto body has been examined and checked for any damages we then can deliver it anywhere you would like in Birmingham. We can only deliver it to collision shops or dealerships in Birmingham. Our drivers are all certified collision experts who have been in the industry and know about your aftermarket auto body parts very well.  If there is something they don’t know they will be more than happy to check for you so that all your questions are answered and all your needs are met and even surpassed. Quality Automotive Parts is here to work with all Birmingham residents, our goal is to be the best and by doing the little things for our residents Birmingham we will be sure to reach our goal. We are here to serve the general public with all aftermarket auto body parts.

  • “I ordered a front bumper for my 2015 BMW 530I, everywhere I went in Birmingham they were charging me over $400. I called Quality Automotive Parts and they charged me $238.00. They also recommended a collision shop that will paint and install the front bumper for me with a lifetime warranty, even though I didn’t purchase the auto body part from them. I recommend everyone in Birmingham to give these guys a try.” –Carl; Birmingham, MI

  • “I was at Market Square in Birmingham when I backed into a cart and cracking the rear bumper of my 2014 Mercedes Benz S63, I went to auto body shops in Birmingham and also my Mercedes Benz dealership and they were asking for over a $1,100.00 for just the rear bumper. I thought that was crazy, I began looking around and I found Quality Automotive Parts. They gave me the exact rear bumper cover for $575.00 I saved more than half my money. They also gave me a preferred collision shop that would paint and install the rear bumper cover with a lifetime warranty on the work they did for me. My car came out great. If you are looking for an auto parts company that doesn’t over charge their customers and work with other companies that also care about Birmingham residents then I suggest you give this company a try. They will not let you down.” –Herbert; Birmingham, MI

  • “Quality Automotive Parts is great, they sell the best quality auto body parts I have seen with great prices. My Ram 1500 truck was being used on a construction site and my employee damaged my left fender and left headlight. I had to go purchase a new on one. This is a work truck and I’m not trying to spend a whole lot of money on it. I live in Birmingham and I everyone out here is just absurd with the prices they were given me. They charged me $400.00 for the fender and $625.00 for the head light. I still wanted a great job, but I knew there has to be a way on getting a great deal. I found Quality Automotive Parts when I was searching for auto body parts in Birmingham, MI and I asked them how much was the fender and they told me $225.00 and for the headlight they charged me $410.00. I saved $390.00 that went to the installation and painting of my fender at their preferred collision shop. The guys there warrantied the work even though I didn’t purchase anything from them and also everything matched. The other collision shops and Birmingham dealerships would not let me supply my own part and some of them did but told me that they will not be able to warranty anything, I thought that just crazy, but these guys are great and try them out they really take care of Birmingham consumers.”-Derick; Birmingham MI